Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CW: Clone Trooper (Space Gear)

Space troopers, as seen in the clone wars, love the details on their helmet; however the Basic Figures details don’t look as nice & accurate as the ones in the movie. As a collector of troopers had to get them, it was the only one which I was able to get in the wave, wanted to get Padme & the Mud Guard, but they were all sold out….

As I was only able to get my hands on ONE! I am sorry that I can’t open and take pictures of the actual figure; the best I could give you is close up of the figure from the box… The Space Trooper is fitted with a standard clone trooper body, repainted and added a chest plate with breathing mask & a blaster pistol pocket.

Although the marking on it is not as accurate as the series/illustration, I probably try to get my hands on another 2 more MAX, to display with Plo Koon on my sleeves. Too bad I couldn’t get Padme…she will go well with Commander Fox & Corusant Guards.

Source: Clone Wars
Price: 36.90
Wave: 4
Assortment: Basic Figure

Not really….just got it because I can’t miss out on collecting a trooper.

The Paint Job was a real spoiler…
The Jet Pack with the rocket… they should have just added the jetpack that comes with bounty hunters.

Ball Jointed neck
Ball Hinged Shoulder, elbows, wrist, torso, knees, ankles
Swivel hips

DC-15 rifle
Blaster pistols
Rocket Pack – Same as Obi Wan Pack

On The Back of the Box:
Clone Trooper are outfitted with additional gear when a battle calls them for them to leave their ships and venture of space for an extended period of time. Wearing specialized breathing equipment, they can move through space to board enemy ships for attack or seizure.

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