Sunday, March 29, 2009

CW: Commander Fox

The Chargers are set; he and his squad of Corusant Guards are backed against the wall ready to storm the Palace of Ziro the Hutt! The Explosion rips the door apart, and he and his squad bust in to aid Senator Padme…..

Commander Fox the second most anticipated Commander to see in the Clone Wars Movie aside from Captain Rex, I remember while watching the show, I couldn’t help but wondered when would he make his appearance.

Ahhh figure…a repaint of Captain Rex Body, thus having the same articulation and with the head of Obi wan Clone Helmet. Great details on the chest amour and helmet, however I fine that his neck seems elongated, then the rest of the other clones, may because Rex head sinks deeper in the stub then his….

Source: Clone Wars
Price: 36.90
Wave: Toy R us & Target Exclusive (in the States)
Assortment: Basic Figure

Nice Corusent Guard marking on the chest

Elongated Neck

Ball Jointed neck
Ball Hinged Shoulder, elbows, wrist ,torso, knees , ankles
Swivel hips

DC-15 rifles
Blaster pistols

On The Back Of The Box:
Commander Fox heads a squad of clone troopers who accompany Padme to the palace of Ziro the Hutt, She hopes to reopen negotiations with the Hutts, who have been tricked into believing the Jedi abducted Jabba’s son. The commander fids a hostile reception when the group arrives at Ziro’s lavish palace on Corusant.

Nice graphic on the box !

Get them Clankers !

Nice details!

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