Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Truly the Force is Strong! Lucas Arts is striking from a hidden base somewhere (maybe Skywalkers Ranch) and have team up with Bioware in an impending victory of the release of Starwars “The Old Republic”, below shows the new release of a second video documentary, of some of their thoughts and plans for the game, according to some articles, its set 300 years after the event of Starwars and a thousand of years before the rise of the awesome Darth Vader, therefore making the story of TOR relatively unexplored timeframe in the Starwars stories, this allow the designers at Bioware & Lucas Arts, to have the freedom in creating an epic storyline with much to explore.

The current storyline of the game, is set in an era where there are thousand of Jedi & Sith in the universe, TOR story begins when the SITH are great in numbers and rose to power. With their great numbers, they push towards the attack of Courcent, which leads to the Jedi being caught off guard and losing their foot hold of Capital City, and even the destruction of JEDI TEMPLE.

With that said the games starts after the suffering defeat of Courcent, which allows constant skirmish & boarders’ wars. Players would also need to make ethical decision and become immersed in making their own personal Starwars Saga. The guys at Bioware will also allow players to choose between other charters besides Jedi & Sith knights, as more character such as bounty hunters are being explore (note that each character you choose will lead to a different story)

According to some other blog’s & forum its an highly anticipated MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), which fans have been waiting hmm….since, forever! I am personally not a big Fan of MMORPG game play, but none the less as a fan, I will probably get it…

Okay enough said from me; please check out what the boys at Bioware have to say about the Game, in addition to this I have added in some drawings from their story boards.

Here's what i dont understand, the army of the republic was only created

during the clonewars, so who are this guys?...

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