Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CW: Clone pilot: ODD BALL

In this review I present to you clone pilot: ODD BALL (wave 2), picked up two figures at “The Outpost” in cineleisure. An Okay looking figure, as it’s a basic figure clone trooper figure fitted with a CW Pilot head. None the less it’s a must get figure especially if you have Spacecraft that needs pilots (V-19 torrent, ACR-170, Gunships & AT-TE).

What it says at the back:

Clone Pilot Odd Ball, who received his nickname during advanced training, has participated in many significant missions in the Clone Wars. Odd Ball is a starfighter pilot trained in flying V-19 Torrent starfighters, ARC-170 fighters and other standard Republic fighters.

My Comments:

  1. A Standard Clone trooper body with a newly fitted CW pilot head.

  2. Basic figure, but a must get! For every ship needs a pilot!·

  3. Articulation: Ball jointed neck, Ball hinge Head: shoulder, wrist, ankles & knees.

Source: The Clone Wars Year: 2008 Assortment:

Basic Figures:
Price: RM 36.90
Weapons and Accessories: - DC-15 Blaster- Rocket Launcher- Rocket

Other Figures to check out in wave 2: Ahsoka Tano (CW08 #09), Clone Commander Cody (CW08 #10) & Super Battle Droid (CW08 #12)

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