Friday, March 13, 2009

CW VS Packs

Here’s a look at Hasbro NEW CW Release, it’s a VS pack, which to me its nothing really great….I would rather Hasbro come out with bundle set of Clone Troopers or Droids for army building, a package set of 5-10 troopers at a reasonable price would be nice…

However, all its not lost with these packs…I would recommend you guys to get the Cody set, if any of you missed out on the single carted Cody from wave 2 of the CW series. Each VS Set is going for RM54.90 each, having said that, this pack will save you RM18.90. As buying two individuals will cost you RM36.9 each and buying two will be RM 73.80.

What Hasbro Says?
Courageous Jedi Knights and brave clone troopers go into battle against battle droids during the Clone Wars. The two sides face each other in harrowing battles that will decide the fate of galaxy for generations to come. Jedi and clone troopers stand shoulder to shoulder as the massive battle droid army advances…and the battle continues. New 2-pales that from Star Wars, the Clone Wars movie, featuring Obi-wan Kenobi VS Battle Droid and Clone Commander Cody VS Battle Droid 2-packs. Retail price at RM54.90 each.

May the Force guide your choice!

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