Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kevin Graham Topps Galaxy Sketch Cards

Here's a look at some of the new cards completed by Star Wars artist Kevin Graham.

What Kevin Graham said about the art?

"There's been a few different Star Wars sets recently that mostly tailored to one specific movie," Graham says. "This set gives people the opportunity to see artwork from the entire Star Wars galaxy. This includes a great collection of sketch cards from artists around the world along with some real nice insert cards, autographs, etc. I really enjoyed working on this set. It gave me the opportunity to draw characters I don't normally draw and I got to include some of my friends from the 501st in the drawings I did."

"I really enjoy drawing animation cel sketch cards although they take a long time to do," Graham continues. "You can usually pick them out from my other work as they are very colorful and more detailed. I always wanted to be an animator when I was younger but never pursued it. I was looking for something different to do with my sketch cards so decided to make mini animation cels. Basically I draw and ink one side of clear plastic then flip over and paint the back side which shows through the front. I then attached to the official cards. I would have to say I really like the Snow Bunny I did along with the two-panel Clone Wars cartoon cel. The Darth Maul head shot is another favorite of mine. I ended up getting it signed by Ray Park; that's what the gold ink is on the drawing.”

Some of his Art, unfortunately we wont be able to get it here:

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