Saturday, March 28, 2009

CW: Wave 3 – Plo Koon

Jedi Master Plo Koon, one of the coolest Jedi Master in CW toy line up, I am personally not a Big fan of Jedi’s, but I had to get this guy, cause it looks simply awesome with the Hood and those light Sabers.Moreover it can be pose in many different ways, enjoys the pictures!

Source: Clone Wars
Price: 36.90
Wave: 3
Assortment: Basic Figure

The Light Sabers Gauntlet
The Hood – was a nice Touched

Hood should be same color as his garment. (as the brown are in a different color.

Ball Jointed Neck
Ball Hinged - Shoulder, elbows
Swivel Wrists, Waist, hips
No articulation in the knees or ankle

Weapons and Accessories:
•2 Lightsabers

•Lightsaber Gauntlet - Concept art from revenge of the Sith, glad they added into the clone wars variant.

•Removable Hood (Up)

•Removable Hood (Down

On The Back Of The Box:
A member of the Jedi Council and an intrepid warrior descended from a long line of Jedi Knights, Plo Koon has fought in many battles in the Clone Wars. An imposing figure, he wears special protective goggles and an antiox mask on oxygen-rich worlds.

Was a bit trigger happy, took quite a lot of pics, used a Olympus - E520

Big Thanks(Calamari Chan) for the camera!

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