Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vintage 30th anniversary - Imperial Snow trooper

On the Snow blazing Planet Hoth lays the secret Rebel base…Imperial scout droids have discovery the rebel base….and immediately the Imperials assemble its troopers for a ground assault.

With the immense firepower from the walkers, the rebels do not stand a chance…and the main blaster doors of the rebel base are breach…and from the thick smoke immerges the Snowtroopers which storm the base from within with Lord Vader and the rest is history…..

From the Vintage 30th anniversary I proudly bring you the Imperial Snow trooper, been trying to get my hands on one of this for years now. Being a Vintage 30th anniversary figure the details are spot on, thus the articulation, some slight conditioning are found on its boost.

Got this figures from a friend of mine, which opens his stall at the flee market in Amcorp mall on Sundays 1st floor, near Watsons, right beside the escalator, his name is Chris and can be contacted at 0123200712, he sells a great variety of SW & CW Figures, some boxes and some without, however the best part is that their toys are sold at a very reasonable price.

Here are some of the highlights of this trooper:

1) Ball jointed head (Feature of a clone head)
2) Ball hinge shoulder, elbows , knees & ankle
3) Swilled wrist & waist.

Other features:
1) Removable helmet & backpack (The helmet fits perfectly…)
2) 11 – Blaster riffle.
3) Cloth cloak

*This trooper can also be found in the Ultimate Battle pack, however the condition on those are slight more, when compared to this.*

Here a comparison with the clone Snowtrooper ( this figures is from the comic pack with commander Faie), frankly I like both versions:

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