Saturday, March 14, 2009

CW Episode 20: Waxer & Boil

Caught Episode 20 of the session finale of the CW series, it was quite entertaining episode, which show Obi – Wan and his 212th Attack Battalion taking down, the Heavy Artillery so that Windu Can land the larger transport ship for a full assault on the Capital City.

In this episode, there are new member of to the 212th, they are Waxer & Boiler, and here are some their pictures:

Boil (Left) Waxer(Right)

Like the Kill Marks on Waxer Helmet.

The New Heroes of the 212th Attach Battalion (check out

my post on Custom CW Figures, there a custom done on them)

Dont miss out the Session Finale !! finally we be able to see Windu in action !

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  1. We have to wait for the Dvd's down here so it's hard being a Star Wars fan in "OZ".