Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In A Galaxy Far Far Away:

My Legacy Collection of the galaxy finest, started probably after watching countless time of repeats of Starwars Movie such as “The Empire Strike Back, Return of the Jedi, Clone Wars, Revenge Of The Sith and etc” , however I was rather swayed to the dark side of the force, after becoming a Huge fan of the Republic/Emperor’s legions.

Bought my first Toy at Area 51 in Bandar Utama, it was an evolution 3 Clone Trooper from the Revenge Of The Sith (Target Exclusive), paid about RM 120 for it… ouch…however from that day, the collecting and expansion of my legion never stop.

Started this Blog; because I felt locally nobody in Malaysia are doing any reviews or posting on Star Wars Toys and location to find the latest & Cheapest Toy/Collectors Shops. My Blog offers SW Fans a better insight on action figures & vehicles from Hasbro.

If you have request or questions please email me at: dennisfwc@gmail.com

Please find below my small collection at my old place, enjoy & May The Force Be With You.

If you can see i mainly collect Troopers, i actually re-wrap
the toys in a clear plastic wrap cover (use for food).

Here are some of the extra i bought to open & display.

Captian Rex and his squad, in my next display i will feature
Caption Rex with his 501st Troopers.

My little Lego Stormtroopers guarding the Vader.

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