Saturday, March 21, 2009

CW 21: Liberty of Ryloth

With continuation of the last episode, General Mace Windu and his assault force leads the last offensive to retake the capital city of the plant Ryloth, fans of Windu would feel a little tingling sense of excitement as this would be first time in the CW Epi that they would see Windu in action.

With his forces stretch thin across Ryloth, Windu is out numbered and with no able aid from the Jedi council or the republic, Windu seeks the help of Sham Shindulu a local freedom fighter which people of Ryloth look up to as a Symbol of Freedom.
An alliance of the Windu & Shindulu was secured after the reports of droids bombing the local villages.

The episode ends with Windu sneaking into the city as stole away in the last shipment of treasures for Wat Timbor and Windu re- activates the plasma bridge (which is the only way into the capital city) and retakes the capital city with his combine forces.

The Tactical droid left Wat Timbor alone to face the humiliating defeat by the Republic forces, and send a squad of droid bombers to level the city, in a desperate attempt of defeat, however Windu and his forces were save by Anakin and Asoka who took out the remaining droid bombers with their Jedi fighters.

All in all Windu was AWESOME, his moves were great and of course the force was strong with him and the best part he loves his clones! I have some picture to prove it.

Key highlights:
1)A New Commander - was shown here, but there was no mention of his name, if you look carefully there are marking/words engraved into the back of his helmet nice!

2) Lightning squadron - which consist of ARF troopers with walkers.

3) ARF Troopers – Advance Recons Tactical Troopers/Forces
4) Droid Bombers – with a similar design to the Starwars Imperial Tie – Bombers, in-terms of the wing design & dual cockpits.

5) There was a nice slow motion part, when the Plasma Bridge was deactivated, and Windu was making a Jump for it. Rarely see these effects in the CW series.

1) The Army of Windu should have been the Colours of purple as that is his squad color, 187th Legion.
2) ARF troopers, showed have been in the camouflage paint job as the CW movie.
*just my 2 cents…*

Windu Says Force OFF, now You See Them, now you dont:

The Loves his Clones, here are the scene that he save them.

Master Mace Windu:

Windu springs into action, when his AT-TE is shot down:
Windu Clone Commander:

Do you see the marks/words on back of his helmet lip.

Lightning squadron

ARF Troopers:

I love their helmet design:

Droid Bombers:

Commando Droids also made apperence:

This scene confirms that the battle droids, are dumb & gay....
you guys have to watch this part again....


  1. Mace Vindu, undoubtedly the 2nd most powerful jedi after Yoda. The way he dispatches those droids...way too easy..awesome!

  2. mace windu"s commander is commander ponds

  3. mace windus commander is commander ponds