Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Force Unleash Commemorative Collection (Emperor Palpatine & Shadow Troopers)

They remain completely undetectable until the very moment they strike, which enables them to sneak through enemy lines to gather intelligence or assassinations missions, they are the elite in the emperors service, they are The Shadow Stromtrooper.

The Commemorative Collection is back in stores! Hasbro are restocking and can be found in all Toys R Us, Parkson & Istan. As the last I saw this packs were during the Christmas Sale at 1 Utama.

Commemorative Collection offers two different packs which are Vader & Incinerator Troopers or Emperor Palpatine & Shadow Troopers. Personally i like the Palpatine pack as the paint job & finishing is much better. These packs would be nice for collection or army building, which ever way you like it…

This sets are priced at RM 54.90 per pack, and what is really shocking is the repack (Blue & White) of this which cost RM84.90, that’s like an addition RM30.00 just for a new packaging, I really don’t know what the retailers are thinking about, as they are placing these sets just next to each other.

Force Unleash Commemorative Collection (Emperor Palatine & Shadow Troopers)
Price: RM 54.90 Repacks: 84.90 (Toys R Us)

Perfect articulation for both, this is one of the best Palpatine made,
Likes & Dislikes:

Emperor Palpatine:
- Nice detail Robs, with a glosses/shine finish of what his wearing under the robes.
- Face expressions
- Holds the light Saber really Well
- Full Articulation
- Articulation: Ball Jointed Head, Ball hinge shoulders, elbows, knees & ankles, Swilled wrist & Waists.

- His left fingers should as if his casting lightning

Shadow Stromtrooper
- Nice shine in the eyes ( this are repainted 30th vintage storm troopers)
- Really Red lines finishing around the foot & the Knee.
- Articulation: Ball Jointed Head, Ball hinge shoulders, elbows, knees & ankles, Swilled wrist & Waists.
- The gloss grey on their amour is really nice, compared to the original fully black Shadow troopers.

- Nothing really…they are quite Spot on..

On The Boxes:
Among the emperors elite shock troopers, the shadow troopers utilize advanced cloaking technology to ambush their enemies. They can remain completely undetectable until the moment they strike. With keen tactical awareness, the Shadow Troopers can cross Rebel lines Undetected and use their stealth skills to gather intelligence that can be used to organize future Imperial attacks.
Just to compare:

Hope this review helps, if you find yourself standing at a toy shop and wondering which of the two Unleash Commemorative Collection to get….

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