Sunday, August 16, 2009

AAT-Driver Battle Droid

Battle Droids the foot Soldiers of the Trade Federation Army , they are perfect soldiers in battle and are programmed to be absolutely loyal and to fight without hesitation, although they are extremely vulnerable alone against a Jedi or a squad of Clone Troopers, they are surprisingly dangerous when deployed in vast numbers.

Here's a look at another upcoming figure in the Clone Wars line, the AAT-Driver Battle Droid.

Points Of Interest:
1) A different paint scheme from the standard battle droid, comes with nice steel like finishing across the upper body.

A Closer look:


Weapons & Accessories:
1) 1 X Droid Blaster

2) Removable Backpack

Overview Of The Figure:

Closers Look: Head Sculpt

My Verdict:

Basically the AAT Driver is a repaint of the standard battle droid in wave 1.

Just with a new splash of paint which is actually very nicely done! Plus a steel like finishing across the upper body & backpack. Hasbro has been quite constant with this finishing and seems to be part of all upcoming droids so far.

This Droid however has really limited articulation (no articulation in legs) and also a small foot base, which again makes standing/posing a challenge.

If your a droid collector then this a must have for the collection!

However if your not and you are planning on getting your first Clanker, i strongly do not recommend this to be your first. You would be better off with a Magna Guard or Commando Droid.


Overall: 6/10

Figure: 5/10 (minus point on articulation)

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