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Vehicles: Anakin Skywalker's Modified Jedi Starfighter

Even as young child, Anakin is constantly looking for ways to enhance the performance of his machines, example his Pod Racer.

Plus with his keen Jedi Sensors, he is more then capable to handling/control his modified machines.

Here a look at a Starfighter which has been modified by Anakin, he improves the operation by boosting the power by adding Vectored Thrusters (which gives him the speed to out manuver droidfighters), Laser cannons and a Proton Torpedo launcher and a Forward-Mounted Hyperdrive which enables him to travel through hyperspace (which look like something he strip off his pod-racer).

This vehicle is truly something! finally had to space, so i could open it up for display!

lets go thru the details of this Starfighter, shall we?

: - Click to enlarge -


Really nice graphic illustration!




After removal of the outer - Box

Your Starfighter should come with all of the following:

My Label of the following items:

Step 1 - Attached the "Stabilizer" onto the pivots.

Stabilizer nicely fitted into pivots.

Stabilizer are movable and able extent out and retract back in

Step 2 - Attached Tail into the Starfighter

Fin should nicely fit in like this:

Step 3 - Attached Twin laser canons to upper & lower body ( this applies for both)

Retractable Landing Gear

Its Done!



A Closer Look At The Details:

Really nice detailing, looks like the back of a Star Destroyer

Twin Laser Cannon's on each side:

Firing Torpedo Launcher! YEAH !

Comes with R4 Unit (build in), that acts as the trigger for the Torpedo Launcher.

Slight Weathering on the Nose Piece.

Again Weathering on the wing dampers.

Anakin Custom Logo for his Starfighter

Thrusters: Rotating the vector thrusters:

Laser Cannon in Cruise Mode

Laser Cannon in Attack Mode

Forward Mounted Hyperdrives:

Forward Mounted Hyperdrives (Below)

Starfighter Controls

Cockpit - Top view

My Comments

1) Nice design & paint scheme

2) R4 unit - great that they included it,although build in. (save the trouble of buying one)

3)Loads of Retractable Gear!

1) Paint Job - much different from color of blue as seen on the back of box.

My Verdict

About all the vehicles made so far this has to be one of my Top 5 Favorites!

Really AWESOME vehicle,Great design and color scheme!

The only Spoiler would be the paint job, only if it was color as the image shown at the back of box, with brighter White & Blue!

The it would be perfect!

Btw this Starfighter appeared on the Cartoon Network, bridging story between Attack Of The Clones & Revenge Of The Sith.


Overall: 9/10

Packaging: 9/10

Figure: 9/10 (minus point on Paint Job)

ToyShop: Toywizard

Price: cant remember between RM 90 - 120 (to long ago)

*FOR MALAYSIAN - If you seem interested in this Starfighter, i did see one at Toy wizard about 2 weeks back so call them if your interested)*

More Pictures I Have! - Click to enlarge -

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