Monday, August 31, 2009

SW: Imperial Snowtrooper (SL 25)

Imperial SnowTroopers, are specially trained and equipped with arctic gear to suit Arctic environments.

They are utilized and station in many different icy worlds, however they are high recognized in the Battle of Hoth, where they storm Rebel Alliance Base!

Don't know about you guys, but this is exceptionally hard figure to find in Malaysia, as when the wave appeared in store months ago, many insider in TRU were selling them to sclupers illegally. thus making this figure really hard to in stores.

However a kind collector manage to reserve one for me at one of the TRU outlets, which was very kind of him, as he remembered that i wanted this figure.

This figure is important to me cause its a straight repack of 2007's VTAC Snowtroper! which i only manage to score one and its not even cared sobs.....

Let's take a look at figure!


Points Of Interest:

Helmet Sculpt:
really nice detailing on the crumbles and its removable!

Chest Plate & Bac: Again nicely detailed and weathered, very movie accurate.

Kama: comes with soft fabric/cloth,makes it easy when posing.

Overview Of the Figure:

Close Up of Helmet Sculpt:

Close Up of Facial Sculpt:

Weapons & Accessories:
1X Removable Helmet
1X Blastach E-11 blaster pistol
1X Removable Backpack

Also Includes Battle Gear:
- DC-15 Blaster
- DC-15 Blaster Rifle
- DC-17 Blaster
- Droid Blaster
-Blaster Rifle
-EMP Launcher

To Compare with the 2007's VTAC Imperial Snowtrooper:

Guess what they look the same!!

My Verdict:

Whether its a Imperial Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper or a Snowtrooper its never wrong or a waste of money when it comes to adding them to your collection, cause you can never get enough of them! Plus they are VINTAGE and the core of the trooper collecting!

This Snowtrooper figure is exactly that! its brilliantly made and the detailing is Spot On! its the Best Snowtrooper in the 3 & half inch line that your money can buy, until Hasbro decides to remake a better version!

But for now, Its Simply lovely!

Snowtrooper: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

ToyShop: : TRU

More Pictures I Have! - Click to enlarge -

For the following pictures, i want to have a snow background. but couldn't find anything close to what i wanted, until i stumble upon a piece of white cloth! which i used in the background of the following pictures.

Luckily it didn't turn out to bad...phew...what do you think?

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  1. LOL...just love the 'snow' landscape... very HOTH like...hahaha...and the Snowtrooper action figure...very detailed indeed. Kudos to Hasbro

  2. Yeah Hoth Like aka "the towel" hehehehe!

    Don't know where to get more..sobs

  3. I guess the diorama scene is set up on your tummy, so it ease your photo taking. Well, if that's true, I'm wondering what makes the snow mountain stand up? ... hehe

  4. LOL...he hee interesting

    Whats make the mountain really stand up is the carded box!

  5. U lie!
    It doesn't look like a box at all!

    The shape is like...
    something cylinder!

  6. I never like Snowtrooper. It looks very similar to the white hooded Ku Klux Clan.