Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Stormie Road Trip!

Here's something a little different from my normal post of reviews on SW/CW figures!

Its about my Road Trip which i took over the weekend, to get away from my daily routine life of the BIG CITY....

No i have not gone insane and started blogging about life.... this is just a one off post about this road trip! some Star Wars elements has been added.

The Roadtrip:

Me, 3 friends and a lil Stormie (the SW Element) decided to head down to a Town called IPOH! (Capital of the state of Perak), Land of the Limestone Hills, Bean Sprouts Chickens and Fair Skin Chinese Girls ! (BOO YAH!)

Which is only about 2 hours drive away from Kuala Lumpur...

So here are some random pictures of Road Trip down to Ipoh Town, BTW most road trips for Malaysian means EAT,EAT & that exactly what we did!

Breakfast 9.00 a.m:
Swing by a famous Beef Noodles Shop called Uncle Cheng - Special Beef Noodles(Still in KL), for breakfast before we started the journey. (you can see all the newspaper write up's about his noodles stuck to glass of his store)

Ahhh...Beef Noodles we have! (RM 9.00 for this!! nothing special if you ask me!)

Side Dishes....

This we call BIG PAU ! has a mix of Pork & Eggs.

Char Siew - BBQ Prok Ribs! Stormie going AWESOME....

Start of Trip: 10.00 a.m


Reaching Ipoh Town: 12.2o p.m

Limestone Hills

Stormie: Let Me Out!

Lunch: 1.3o p.m
Meet up with one of the locals (A Friend of Ours, Ms Hana Lam), that was kind enough to house us and show us some of the best places to eat in Ipoh.

She Brought us to a place called (after direct Chinese translation) is "Under Big Tree", whereby loads of food vanders are nicely tucked below two huge trees...that provide cover.

Just look at all that Fried Stuff ! (mainly made out of Fish Paste).....

Didnt bring Stormie out for this Food Shots as it was my first time meeting Ms Hana Lam and didnt want her to think that i was a PSYCHO, so i just maintain my cool lah! (a very pretty Ipoh Girl, i must say)

Noodles to go with the Fried Stuff

After Lunch: 3.3o p.m
After that scrumptious lunch, we decided to do do some sight seeing and end up at a place called Kellie's Castle!

A 20 min drive out of Ipoh Town, build by a Scottish planter named William Kellie Smith. According to differing accounts, it was either a gift for his wife or a home for his son. (which some says his ghost still walks the path way of the castle......)

Dinner...forgot to bring the camera....

The Next Day (Sunday)

Breakfast: 9.00pm
Went to this Huge Dim Sum Shop in center of Town call "Foh San", just look at the pictures... the place looks like a Hotel......

The Jam in front of the building.....there were loads of people there...maybe 10% of Ipoh Town and some Singaporeans.

The Main Entrance
The Word "Foh San" written in Chinese

The amount of people....this is only the first floor! had to wait 30min for a table...

Some Random Food Shots

Eggs Tarts.

Breakfast: 11.30pm
Went to grab some "Tau Foo Fa", apparently the best in town!

The Pinks One's in the Bowl is to eat (scoop from the wooden tub) and to drink are poured into the cups. (they even have drive thru service...)

Lunch: 12.30pm
Ipoh Laksa! Yum with roast pork belly,pork ears & prawn......

After Lunch: 2.30pm
After all that eating we needed to some walking! so when to see some limestone hills, that has a chines temple built into it.....

The End....back to KL City....

A Big Thanks to Ms Hana Lam for the Accommodation & Tour around Ipoh Town!

May The Force Be With YOU!


  1. Cool road trip!

    Another 2 hours north and you would've been in Penang... ;)

  2. lol...

    Ahh yes so true!

    but i was not the driver...

  3. You know what? This is kinda weird, but got inspired to do something, haahaha, by this post of yours, check this out:

    Oh by the way, I've dropped you an e-mail on your gmail account, not sure if you've read it, but anyway, good stuff man, your blog, really.

  4. Hey dude

    cool post!

    haha glad you like my post!

    Got the mail thanks!