Monday, August 17, 2009

Starwars VS G.I.JOE

When i first started this Blog i told myself that i would only focus on buying SW toys & collectibles and sold all my other toys. cause its too expensive to diversify to different segments.

However after Watching The Rise Of Cobra last Monday,i kinda went ape shit and started to buy random figure from Toyshops to Toyshop to look for the best deals and gathered the following...... All in all i bought about RM 800 plus of Cobra Figures, from the ROC line to the 25 anniversary figures:

The New Cobra Foot Soldiers (Neo Vipers) ... they grow on me..i blame the movie

Here's to compare: Don't hate me when i say this, however after buy G.I.JOE figure, i personally feel that i do get back my money worth, as the toys are cheap and comes with loads of weapons, accessories and a base stand!


- A Cobra Gun ship comes with a Pilot its priced at
RM 119.90 (the box may look shorter, but its wider)

- The V Wing Star Fighter (TRU exclusives) comes with a Clone Pilot, priced at
RM 199.90

Figures: Now G.I.Joe Figure are priced on par with Starwars Figures at RM39.90: What i like about the Joe figures are that each figures comes with its own base stand which i think is Awesome!

This TRU Exclusive is priced at reasonable price of RM 64.50...which is really a sweet deal to pay for 3 figures, that are individually sold at RM 39.90 each.

Don't get me wrong, i absolutely love Starwars!

However after buying Joe figures it does open my eyes to how much more Hasbro could offer to the Starwars Line in-terms of Pricing & Accessories.

Have open a new blog for my collection of Cobra Figures:


  1. i feel so tooo!! SORRYYYY

    The temptation....... too strong.