Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dark Trooper Phase 3 in Rebelscums Photo Arhieves

Rebelscum has added Dark Trooper Phase 3 to its every expanding Photo Achieves!

Dark Trooper Phase 3 is from the expanded universe and its part for of a Wal-Mart- Exclusive "Droid Factory" sets.

The Dark Troopers get a overall revised body frame & paint scheme! That make it every more menacing.

Check it out at Rebelscum:


  1. I want this figure - but not all the walmart 2-packs :( i only want the Corran Horn and Maul ones, and maybe the Boba Fett. life is so unfair :P

  2. i dont know if we getting

    However will to look out for them, if i have it!

  3. If you know where I can get this figure assembled and loose, please let me know :)

  4. you can check on ebay

  5. thats cool i think ill check on Ebay

  6. I want this figure SOOO Bad!!, but i cant find a descent price for it. i want all the figures that come in the packs, too.