Thursday, August 27, 2009

CW: Vulture Droid

Another deadly droid creation by the Trade Federation, The Vulture Droid classed a droid Starfighter, they are highly capable of skillful maneuvers in aerial and space battles and come fully equipped with blaster cannons and torpedoes.

They are painted with the blue and white hexagonal insignia of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

I am nothing really a big fan of droids, but the animated CW seems to be changing my perception of these Clankers. as i seem to getting more and more of them...

its not the latest figure out there, but its the latest to my collection of droids and i have been meaning to open these since i bought it last month along with the Magna Guard Starfighter.

And here's a look at the figure:


Out of the Box:

Weapons & Accessories:
1) 6 X Missiles
2) 1 X Instruction booklet

A Closer Look at the Projectile

Putting it Together:

1) Missiles Holders: can be found on each front tip of the Vulture legs, 2 on each side.

2) Place in the projectiles to each wing, as shown:

Once its done it should look like this, on each side of the Vulture wings:

3) Flip the Vulture on its belly and fit in the remaining 2 projectiles:

Hinged & Swivel Connection and each end of the wings that are retractable and adjustable:

A Closer look head Sculpt:

Its all in the eyes..looks so good...(click the button below and the head pop's up)

Head can be turn left to right:

Overall View Of The Figure:

To Convert the Vulture Droid from Ground Attack Mode to Flight Attack Mode the following must be done:

1) Spread the wings apart and push the middle piece in.

2) then fold the wings inwards again and press hard to connect it to the connectors.

Flight Attack Mode:

To Compare Its Size With a Standard Figure:

My GOD have you grown....

My Verdict:

A very interesting Figure maybe because of its Awesome Paint Job and the sheer size of the figure once it has transformed to the Ground Attack Mode!

You May think the pricing is a little on the high side, but i assure you that its worth to get. Money can always be found, however figures like this won't be on the sleeves forever!

I recently saw some repacked Vulture Droids at TRU with the 09 packaging, the only different from this pack is that it comes with a Diorama.

Figure: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

ToyShop: Toy R Us

Price:RM 99.90

More Pictures I Have! - Click to enlarge -

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  1. Love your blog man! Great reviews.

  2. I personally find this Vulture Droid a bit too bland. I dunno maybe perhaps it's just me.