Thursday, August 20, 2009

CW: Lieutenant Thire

Early In the Clone Wars, Thire determination and great leadership skills worked him up to the rank of Lieutenant in the Grand Army of The Republic. Jek & Rys was then assigned to Lt.Thire to escort Jedi Master Yoda on a diplomatic mission to the Moon of Rugusa, to meet King Katuunko in episode one of the CW Series.
Now Lt.Thire comes in dual pack with Clone Trooper Rys, i however got him to my every trusted Ebay Seller unlimited 8899

Packaging show below is with reference to

Over View of the figure: <>


Weapons & Accessories:
1) 1 X DC-15 Blaster pistol 2) 2 X Blaster pistols (2 X wroking holsters) 3) Removable Helmet Pauldron

Close Up Of Helmet & Facial Sclupt:
- share the same helmet mold as Echo.

My Verdict:

Lt.Thire figures share the head of Cody, Body mold of Gree & Pauldorn of Rex and Helmet of Echo. Most Collectors would simply buy this figures for who he is, however the One thing which makes this Figure really interesting to me is the Paint Scheme, which is nicely detailed across its entire body and the Senate Security Logo on its left shoulder. Thire wold look great placed next to Jek, Rys & Senate Security troopers! (unfortunately i couldn't take any pictures of Jek & Rys cause my friend borrowed the figures)

Figure: 8/10

Overall: 9/10

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  2. I have the very same set, and he's awesome.

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