Monday, June 22, 2009

CW: Magna Guards

"Infamous bodyguards of General Grievous, the Magna Guards are suppose to be trained by the droid General himself and are similar with many battle techniques. So far they seem to be the only droids which are able to stand/fight against a Jedi."

Picked this up thanks to the update from “NG” on the latest arrival at TRU Subang, however after making my way down there I only manage to get 1 Magna Guard & 1 Padme, as they were all sold out..

My Comments;

-Great paint Job, very nice steel finishing
-Detailing of the figure, seems spot on! (better then I expected)

-According to the forums, does not have any articulation in the keens, therefore limits on poses.
-Instead o giving this droids a huge Rocket Launcher, it should have been fitted with a “cloak” as seen in the movies/series. (apparently on Rebelscum \, there will be a revised droid with more articulation & a cloth cloak)

My verdict:
If you could see past, its knees not being not articulated, it’s a really a droid worth collecting.

Detailing & Paint Job as I said is spot on and if you have the ROTS version you can see the difference.

(Will provide you with a more in-depth review, when I find another one, so I can open.)

Rating: 8/10

Price: RM 39.90

Toyshop: TRU Subang

Weapons and Accessories:
• Vibrolance
• Rocket Launcher
• Rocket

At the back of the box:
The bodyguard droids for General Grievous are trained by the cyborg general himself. He has had their memories and combat libraries wiped clean so that the droids can learn battle techniques rather than rely on.


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