Tuesday, July 21, 2009

CW: Senate Security "RYS" (preview)

"Always Focus on the enemy are you? for inspiration look to yourself & those beside you!" - Master Yoda to Rys

Rys escorts Master Yoda, Lt. Thire and Jek to the dried coral moon of Rugosa, to forge a treaty with KING Katuunko.

Clones might all look a like! however very different in equipment are they! =P (its suppose to be: very different in the force are they), cause you can clearly tell Rys apart from the squad by the backpack he carries.

I received Rys, with the wrong helmet and i am still waiting for the replacement, it actually came with Thire Helmet as shown below.

The main highlight of Rys figure is the Backpack he carries, Really nicely detailed!

Beside that Rys figure comes with a facial scuplt of Cody, standard clone trooper body painted with senate guard schme.

Last Month i review Senate Security "JEK": http://starwarsilike.blogspot.com/2009/06/cw-senate-security-jek.html

So instead of giving you my normal review of the figure, i am going to give you a Preview of Rys and his awesome Backpack.

Used the Jek helmet for the photo's below:

Here's a look at the nicely detailed backpack! absolutely love it! cause the Cover fabric used is awesome & it comes with a clip, which allows you to open & close the backpack.

AGAIN AWESOME! Nice work Hasbro!

Close up
Back View
Opened (nice big Republic Logo)
Side View Opened
Side View Closed

Facial Look (Close up)

A Series picture to compare (Rys on the left)

Here's a look at the actual packaging, which RYS going to come in, they are pack in the following order:

1) Master Yoda with JEK
2) LT. Thire with Rys

Packaging show below is with reference to www.rebelscum.com

The Helmet paint shown below looks much thicker then my trooper helmet, darn!

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