Friday, September 25, 2009

Collectors I LIKE: Chin Khim Foh

For this week segment of Collectors I Like!

i have the collection of Chin Khim Foh to show!

Who has recently been caught up with the fever of collecting these awesome plastic troopers!

Due to slow arrival of SW/CW stock in Malaysia, he too is a frequent purchase of E-Bay for the latest Items! and his collection has been growing every since.

Now here's a little about the collector and how he started...

Khim Foh says:

Hmm..let see where to start...

Okay...My first foray into collection SW action figures started only late last year when I first noticed the 501st Clone Trooper from the Clone Wars. I bought that figure from Parkson Grand in Kajang - that's where I live.

Before that I always wanted to collect action figures way back during my days in the States but didn't have the money to do it and my parents wasn't too keen on a boy collecting 'dolls' - My mom was quite adamant that collecting 'dolls' is for girls.

So then I said okay and waited until I got a job - established my career in IT (which I really regretted because my first love was either to be a car designer or to become an airline pilot. But fate stepped in when I first laid my eyes on an Apple II Computer way back in the early 80s back in the states.

I was always intrigue with Science Fiction particularly Star Wars - I remembered watching Return of the Jedi 10 times in the states - mind you that time there was no computer animation and the Tie Fighters, X-Wing, A-wing and the Death Star were all made of some hard plastics.

When George Lucas decided to make the prequel - I was so happy because I am a diehard SW fan. But the Phantom Menace was a big dissapointment - too much drama and not much action lah. Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith was way better.

Then came the Clone Wars Movie - which really blew my mind in terms of the detailed graphics of the Clone Troopers amour. I fell in love with the idea of cloning a template of a person into an army. An army cloned to fight till the last breath and are prepared to die.

Hence my collection always focuses on Clone Troopers. Once I bought the 501st Clone Trooper - I roped in Captain Rex, Oddball, Space Trooper, Commander Cody and so on until I notice I had no where to place them. So I bought the Republic Gunship because one it can fit my action figures and heck it looks way cool lah.

From the Clone Wars action figure - I decided to veer towards the Legacy Collection - I bought d Corusant Landing Trooper and from there was hooked on this type of action figure. I just love the detailing of it. Now my action figures total to more than 25 and still counting - as I just bought Commander Bly ROTS, Clone Trooper Captain (Legacy collection) and Commander Gree Legacy Collection, and Galactic Marine - TAC edition.

Its still gonna grow that's for sure. For me this hobby of mine is a total escape from the daily stress of work - meeting deadlines, answering to bosses who demands quick solutions from their subordinates, being answerable to every God damn forsaken thing.

His future plans on his collection:
1) hmmm...thinking of a getting a Turbo Tank to house all them troopers. (if my wife allows)

2) Getting the ARC-170 as its an awesome Starfighter!

3) To Get more troopers of course.

Khim Foh Troopers:

The Line Up

Shock Troopers Are Simply Amazing Figures!

For collection of the other collectors, please view:

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Keep Collecting & May The Force Be With You!


  1. WOW..Hey gazillon thanks Dennis for uploading my SW Collections as part of your blog. My collections isn't something to shout about but's growing that's for sure..hahahaha.

    Once again, many thanks for your tireless effort in making your STARWARSILIKE blog a superb avenue for SW collectors to share their collections.

  2. Hi Kim Foh,

    Again Too KIND, glad it can help the collectors! everyone collection starts of small, and eventually you have too many and dont know where to store them. + )

    Just hope that more people participate in this comment section!