Saturday, September 19, 2009

SW: Ralph.McQuarrie Signature Series

Here's a Look at the Concept Collection from the Legendary Ralph.McQuarrie, the collection features concept arts of key charters in the Starwars Saga, which never made it to big screen.

Ralph.McQuarrie with Darth Vader

However Mr Ralph.McQuarrie visionary craftsmanship in his paintings & drawings were key to bringing the creatures,planets and technology alive in the Starwars Saga which we have grown to love.

Again a big thanks to unlimited 8899 for the products! The R.McQuarrie Signature series are split into two separate collection and have 6 & 7 Figures each.

R.McQ 1 features:
1) Jedi Master Kenobi
2) Jedi Master Yoda
3) Chewbacca
4) Han Solo
5) Boba Fett
6) C-3po
7) R2-D2

R.McQ 2 features:
1) Rebel Trooper
2) StarKiller Hero
3) Luke Skywalker
4) Darth Vader
5) Stormtrooper
6) SnowTrooper

Unfortunately i would not be opening these this something really sweet for my collection and should remain carded.

Well here are some pictures :

R.McQ Collection 1/2:

R.McQ Collection 1/2:

For Malaysian, i have an extra pack of each, which i will be letting go at RM 180. So PM me if your interested, first come first serve.

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