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SSC: Stormtrooper Commander

Stormtroopers are iconic to Starwars Saga, even unbelievers would immediately recognize them in their shine white armor. And in the SW universe they are feared shock troopers, that represent the Imperial might across Imperial governed worlds.

However new to this universe are the office that lead the fearless and Emperor loyal Stormtroopers into the front lines!

And they are know as Stormtroopers Commanders, which are highly recognizable by their markings on their armor, they highly skilled troopers, that are intelligent and operate with skill & accuracy, they are also fearsome as the ARC troopers in the Clone War Era.

Now with all the latest figured reviewed, i finally have the time to do a review on my first 12inch figure! which i bought awhile back. previous post:

The only thing that stops me for getting a 12inch figure would be the pricing ! as it cost about RM370 each and some F*^K up toyshop would mark the prices up to about RM400 a figure! and as the 3&half each Stormtrooper Commander are extremely rare and hard to get in Malaysia, i decide "what the heck" and bought one to see whats the fuss was all about.

Now for the Slide Show Stormtrooper Commander...

Has a nice Matt finishing, which gives it a little glossy feel and really makes each figure really exclusive and on the side magnets are fitted to open & close the box.

On the Outside.... the boxes features the semi actual figure with 4 different poses and some illustration art at the back from "The Force Unleash Game"(which btw came with a 3&half inch exclusive Stormtrooper Commander figure, when you bought the game during the launch in the states).

Out of the box:
Inside the box... The opening flap has the description/history of the imperial army & Stormtrooper Commander and the clear cover that features the figure.

Overview Of The Figure:

Helmet Sculpt Close Up:

Fully detailed armor set with helmet and belt with holster

Image below of Figure with half of its armor removed and under that black cloth is its fully articulated male body/armored body with 30+ points of articulation, which was created by HOT TOYS (that is why their logo is on the boxes, Hot Toys mainly produce Block Baster character such as IRON MAN,PREDATOR, BATMAN & etc)

Helmet interior is empty, which was kinda disappointing was hoping that it featured the interior of the actual stormtrooper helmet.

Ball Hinged joint on the neck.

Weapons & Accessories:
- Fully Detail Armor set
- Blas Tech E-11 Blaster Rifle
- Interchangeable hands

- Thermal Detonator (removable)

- 12-inch Figure Base

Blas Tech E-11 Blaster Rifle is really nicely crafted, almost movie accurate!

Extension available, however be very careful extremely delicate. (snaps easily)

Working Leather Holster, again really nicely finish

12-inch Figure Base

My Verdict Well you seen the pictures of its detailing & accessories,which adds up to a pretty decent figure. Not as awesome as i imagine, but decent.... Firstly mine came with its black trim mark slightly off.... i saw it when i first got it, but could do much, as it was the only piece left...

Secondly the black markings on its shoulder pads looks scribble,which doesn't even resemble blaster/damage marks... if you compare to the figure on the box, the blaster marks looks more accurate, however its not applied to this figure.

Thirdly making this figure stand in poses, is truly a challenge (for me that is), as it keeps falling over....that's why in my pictures its always leaning against the wall, i was really getting irritated while taking pictures, but luckily i still managed to get some pretty decent pictures. With all its problem aside, there are also great parts of the figure, like the blaster riffle & holster which was nicely done! To end i think i simply bought this cause it was STORMTROOPER COMMANDER and its 12inch! and if i were to by my second 12inch figure was something to really ponder on.... considering its price tag.


- Trooper: 6/10
- Accessories & Weapons: 7/10
- Packaging: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

ToyShop: Dreamz Toys

Price: RM 370.00

Seller Store Review:

More Pictures I Have! - Click to enlarge -

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  1. WOW..The SSC Stormtrooper Commander is simply awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just love the detailing but I notice one flaw...his helmet looks quite big in comparison with the his doesn't look properly sized...oh well..can't complain as the rest of the detailing is superb. I am thinking of getting the Hasbro SDCC 09 Stormtrooper Corps from an ebayer based in Florida..which goes for RM62 minus d postage charges.

  2. Yeah helmet is kinda over size,so is the chest plate, looks. need to dip in hot water to bend it back...

    next SSC trooper worth getting would be the Sandtrooper! it looks great!

    RM 62 is not bad for a SDCC 09 Stormtrooper, do send me the pictures if when you get it!

  3. The SDCC 09 Stormtrooper action figure that was being on sale from the Florida based ebayer has ended yesterday !!!..** sobs... **

    Anyway managed to find another e-bayer from Shanghai who sells a loose SDCC 09 Stormtrooper action figure for USD 19.99 = RM71 and the best part is shipping is free!!! Bought it already just now but need to wait 3 weeks for the shipment to Malaysia...sigh!!! oh well there's a saying "Fortune comes to those you wait"..hahaha..

    Will update you once the SDCC 09 Stormtrooper action figure is delivered to me..

  4. Please do !

    Dam it i want one too! can still order for me ??

    No worries if cant!