Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lucas and Filoni Discuss The Clone Wars Season Two

With Session 2 of the CLONE WARS just around the corner, the good people on decided to ask a few question to Creator George Lucas and supervising director Dave Filoni on their thoughts of whats to come in the next exciting Session!

Article from
Lucasfilm Animation's groundbreaking first season of The Clone Wars blazed new trails in the Star Wars universe, exploring worlds and stories well beyond the live-action Skywalker saga -- but that was just the beginning. Improved techniques and enhanced production pipelines have streamlined the entire process, making it possible to envision the distinctive style of the Clone Wars conflict with even greater depth and detail.

Creator George Lucas and supervising director Dave Filoni discuss what's to come in the battle for galactic freedom, and why audiences should expect the unexpected from the series' second season which begins Friday, October 2nd on Cartoon Network. YEAH~!

Seeing the images above, i decided to do a few shots myself:

Questions pose to George Lucas and supervising director Dave Filoni were:

Q1:What surprises can viewers expect from the second season of The Clone Wars?

So will we see more of Cad Bane?

Q3:What can you do this season that you couldn't do in the first season?

Q4:What can audiences expect in terms of larger story arcs? Are we building toward the events of Episode III?

Q5:Star Wars has touched so many generations of fans, but The Clone Wars seems to be forging new ground with new fans... independent of the feature films. Why do you think that is?

Check out all the answer on:

Keep visiting & May the Force be with you!


  1. Hahahaha...Lucas should employ you as their Clone Wars series writer as well lah.. I bet my last dollar that you'll make a bloody good writer.

    Man I can't wait for the Clone Wars Season's bittorrent time

  2. LOL too kind,shy..

    Not good enough to write for Lucas..heeehee but thanks! (still wait for a day to work full time on this blog and maybe own a toyshop!)

    And Yes Cant wait for Session to Start!!! the trailer i last show you guys rocks!

  3. Ohh if you follow the link there a clone pilot with a really nice decals on his helmet!

  4. Yeah...I noticed that Clone Pilot with a awesome decal design...looks like an exotic bird or a dragon...lovely.

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