Monday, September 14, 2009

The Saleucami Trooper

Saleucami Troopers, made an appearance in the ROTS movie, when order 66 was executed. They were seen with Jedi Stass Allie while patrolling with Speeder Bikes, on the desert world of Saleucami.

Upon receiving the order 66, they pulled their speeder bikes back and gunned down Jedi Stass Allie immediately, as all Jedi was a threat to the Republic.(illustration images with reference to SW Wike)

The Saleucami Trooper is not new, its basically a repack as the image shown above (Carded image with reference to, the figure was first made as it was the winner of the 2007 The Saga Legends Fan's Choice Showdown.

It was then realease in 2008 "30th Anniversary Collection" under the assortment of Saga Legends,as Commander Neyo (with battle damage), then at the end of 2008 a clean version was release under "The Legacy Collection" as Saleucami Trooper BD:20 and now in 2009 "The Legacy Collection".

Now here's the look at the figure:

Overview of the Saleucami Trooper:

Helmet Close up:

Articulation:Weapons & Accessories:
- DC-15 Blaster Rifle
- Removable Harness

My Verdict:
Repacks aren't always bad, example the 501st & Shock troopers, we can never get enough of them! therefore what better figure to get as a Repack then a 2007 Fan Choice Winner, The Saleucami Trooper!

As it has a really has a nice helmet sculpt which looks really good! if you have not notice (the visors is a real killer), it also shares the same markings as the ROTS Target Exclusive Clone Trooper.

Aside from that, the figure lack the accessories...but hey! then again its made a Fan Choice, so you can never go wrong with this figure, or do you think otherwise,huh?


Overall: 7/10

Figure: 8/10 (minus point on the lack of accessories)

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  1. Spot On dude ! Absolutely Love the Helmet!

  2. I also got a Saleucami Trooper action figure as well. Love the helmet detail and quite movie accurate. I bought it from Eraman Boutique at KLIA !!! of all places!! hahahahaha..

  3. LOL really of all places ! were they cheap??

  4. Nice fig the helmet removeable btw?

  5. It was retailing for RM39.96 and not the helmet isn't removable.. =(