Sunday, September 6, 2009

Into the Heart of The Lion City, I GO!

Well there hasn't been any new arrival of new pre-release figures, in the past week or so...which is kinda sad! Hopefully next week, will be seeing some new figures for SW/CW !

Anyhow i am going to be selfish and do a little post about my life, for the pass few weeks i have been considering a Job Offer down in Singapore!

Its a opening at BBDO SG, which i previous worked for the Malaysia office, a great offer indeed!

However it will need me to move down to SG!!! and its kinda sad cause everything is here (family,friends & my TOYS!) and i just redid my room in June, to house more toys! sobs.....

and after much consideration i still couldn't decide!

So i bought a bus ticket and went down myself to check out the Office and my crib! for the company i brought a stormie for the trip!

8.00 am at the Bus Station, it was a 4 hrs drive down to SG, but the Bus was great and had loads of movies to watch!

Stormie enjoy a movie.

Reach SG about 12.00pm, and immediately took the MRT to the office at Clarke Quay, the MRT looks like an Airport No? and its Super Clean!

Clarke Quay

The Place looks most inviting, has a great view of the river and is furnish with rolls of Pubs & Restaurants:

At The Office:

The office looks really nice (expected for a ad agency), and the view is great!

Stormie enjoying the view with a hot cup of coffee!

In the evening Clarke Quay is a totally different place, check it out:

Stormie with me at a bar!

Night Falls....simply beautiful...(my new office is the one with the yellow lights)

Woke up and found Stormie starring out the window, from my uncle's apartment (in Bishan)!

The Crib!
After breakfast with my auntie, i headed out to see my new Crib in Beduk, whereby i will be sharing with two of my other mates.

I had no expectations of the place, but when i got there, i was like WOOOHHHH....

MRT Station at Beduk, which is the only one i seen without a shopping center above it.

24 hour Food Court! which means i wont die of hunger..

the place also has some bakery, pharmacy and Mini mart

And here it is!

its a HDB Apartments, which means the Government build them and i must say i am really impress, looks really nice and modern!

Here's the Block which i will be staying, it faces a football field sweet...

Well that's my trip, no time to check out any toy shops there.... left SG at 3.00pm Saturaday and headed back to KL....

All in all i kinda got my answer, from the trip down to SG.

However joining back a big ad agency, my hours will be uncertain...... therefore i dont know if i will have the time to update this blog so offen as i currently do now.

Everyone says i should i am only 24 (btw) and its a really good oppertunity!

So what you guys think?


  1. You know the saying, "Opportunities like this comes only once in a life time". If I were 24 years old again, I would definitely go. You've got nothing to lose.

  2. Ahh yes...very true...sobs

    Thanks man!

  3. as much as you like to do this! its your career dude!

    Will still check out this Awesome blog from time to time, so no worries on the updates!

  4. Clemenger BBDO? Go for it. Great company :)

  5. go for it dude, you'll never know until you try!

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  7. You're young, single and you don't have kids.
    You gotta go for it!
    BUT...You have to keep up your blog, TOO!
    Because you're young, single and you don't have kids! :)

  8. LOL Thanks for comments guys! SG HERE I COME !

    And yes will keep this blog GOing!

  9. dennissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss you're leaving..........................oh well life goes on.

    bring some chiqs back and intro to me ya.....

  10. All the best, man. Keep up the good work there and online, of course!


  11. LOL Thanks,hopefully able to keep the work up there!! figure crossed! May The Force be with me!

  12. GREEAT blog man! Love your collection! I am actually LEAVING agency life to take a break and go back to school after too many years. Hopefully, I'll have time to update my long neglected blog and Flickr albums with my own collection of FX sabres, 12-inch figures and model kits!