Monday, September 7, 2009

CW: SharpShooter (Battle Front 2)

Was Browsing through Unlimited 8899 E-Bay Toy store, as i was looking for new arrivals.

And i stumble upon this Airborne Trooper!

Absolutely love this figures cause of its really cool helmet sculpt and accessories.

They refer to them as Sharpshooters not Airborne Trooper and they come bundle in the Battle Pack Of Battle Front 2 (its basically a repaint of the 212th 2nd Company Airborne Troopers)

So i order a few from Unlimited 8899 and here it is:

360 Full View:

Closer Up Helmet Sculpt:
- Love the V marks on its helmet, just look at the sculpt whats there not to like?

Close Up Facial Sculpt:

- nothing really nice about the sculpt, again no focus in the eyes!

Weapons & Accessories:

1) 1X Blaster Rifle
2) 1 X Blaster Pistol
3) 1 X Removable Helmet
4) 1 X Sling Bag with Blaster Storage (at the back)

To Compare:
- which Paint Scheme do you like best?

My Verdict:

Whatever they may call it "Sharpshooter" or "Airborne Trooper",this figure will always remain in my favorite book of troopers!

As it offers a Great Helmet Sculpt & Detailing, plus the Sling Bag that offers a compartment that holds the Blaster pistol was a nice touch, then your standard Working Holster on the figure Kama.

Love Buying figures off E-bay as they are loose and great for army building!


Overall: 9/10

Figure: 9/10 (minus point on the color)

ToyShop: : E-Bay: Unlimited8899 (seller sells lose)

E-Bay Seller Store:

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More Pictures I Have!
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  1. also bought this action figure as well eh ? I bought this as well as the Phase II Jetpack Trooper, Commander Bacara (blue colour one) and Clone Pilot Matchstick from ebay seller unlimited8899 about 3 days ago too...hahahaha...this fella sure has a wide selection of loose single carded action the next on my list is Clone Commander Thire!!! I just can't stop buying SW action figures's pretty darn addictive lah...

    Anyway this Sharpshooter Clone Trooper is awesome is my opinion...just the deco as well.

  2. Yeah He has great selection of stuff! get most my stuff there! and yes because is loose and cheap you would tend to buy more!!!

    and yes this figure is awesome and the battle damage looks great!