Wednesday, September 2, 2009

CW: Clone Tank Gunner (CW36)

Today i have for you the pre-release Clone Gunner (single carded) which are experts at manning/operating Republic's heavy Cannons & Weapons!

Here's a pictures of them in action from the Clone Wars:

And now to the Figure!

Points of Interest:
1) New Helmet Sculpt - much cleaner and movie accurate as show with the screen grabs above:

2) Logo - New V Logo on Shoulder Pad:

360 View of The Figure:

Articulation: Weapons & Accessories:
1) 1X DC-15 Blaster Pistol
2) 1X Rotary Cannon

Close Up Of Helmet Sculpt:

Here's a comparison, with the previous Battle Pack Clone Gunner: Whats been change? - 09 Stand Clone trooper Helmet Sculpt.(now grey coloring on on helmet front & around visor.

- Different Right Shoulder Pad Logo.

My Verdict

Firstly let me say Thank You to Hasbro for provide a Single Carded version of this Clone Gunner,plus with Revisions made to it.

As the only current Version on sale now comes with the Turbo tank, just with a beige color paint scheme on the armor pads. Which i personally think the single carded version looks better and its single!

Really like the clean helmet sculpt that this figure offers, as compared to the older version with the grey lining on its front, just too many things going on! (just what i feel)

And somehow the new shoulder pad logo looks GREAT! absolutely love it.

All in all its a Great looking figure no matter which angle.... =P and its a SINGLE CARDED!

Would be great for manning/operating your walkers & cannons of your vehicles, hack you could even build a small army with them!

So the Question is would You Buy It? - Share your Comments below -


Trooper: 8/10
Accessories & Weapons: 7/10

Overall: 8/10

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  1. the new logo is a turbo tank symbol

  2. "eat laser piece of metal skunk" is my favorite phrase before the clone troops begin blow metallic asses, and the clone gunner is the specialist in this, look at the big laser machine gun in their hands, and the little laser cannon.