Thursday, September 17, 2009

Collectors I like: Feroze 13

Here's something a little different....

For the segment of Collectors i like, it would be normally about the collection of the collectors figures & vehicle of both SW & CW.

However for this collectors (Feroze Alam) i had to features his paintings cause they are simply F*&KING AWESOME!!! and really Realistic.

Here's a few for your viewing pleasure:

Check out his SW photo stream at: or follow him on twitter:

For collection of the other collectors, please view:

IT Would be GREAT if you can contribute to this segment by sending me your collection pictures or video's or

Keep Collecting & May The Force Be With You!


  1. Wah ultra cool lah..I most like the Stormtrooper laying a killer punch on the rebel trooper

  2. That's why i had to feature his paintings really nice!!!!

  3. WOW the light on the Walker looks so real.....into the light i go...