Friday, September 11, 2009

Toyshopilike: Dreamz Toy

Here's a Toyshop which is nicely tucked away in Asia Street in Sunway Pyramid, it may look small, but TS offers a wide selection of toys, from 12 inch Hot Toys/Slide Show Collectables, Transformers, G.I.Joe's and Star Wars!

Capsule Station Madness!

My Verdict:

Although he offers a wide selection of toys, his collection of SW toys is relatively little, but time to tome he does have some great stuff! and if you cant find it there, you call also ask them to ordered it for you! (the owner is really friendly)

As for dislike, it would be his organization of toys, as they are scattered all over the shops and do not have a particular selection of its own.

The Owner is currently focusing more on 12 inch figures as there are more collectors in this segment! and he does offered them at a relatively cheaper price!

i actually bought my 12 inch Stormtrooper Commander here, at slightly discounted price (below the RM370 mark), when the other Toyshop were selling it at RM 390 -400.

If your in the area, do check it out!


Overall Rating: 8/10

Customer Service: 9/10

Products availability: 6/10 (have to ask them to order)

Overall Pricing: 9/10


Dreamz Toys
Address: Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall Lot no.f2.av.51&52.

Contact: 012-2503836

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  1. Yeah, they kinda price their stuffs a bit on the cheaper side....friendly store owner too...

    My only comment is that thy shd brush up theior knowledge on the various toylines....I found that they were not in the know of certain releases......

  2. SW & Joes Move really slow for him, so he don't bring in much...sobs

    Pity cause his one of the friendlies TS owners, i have meet.

  3. Hi do you know the name of the owner?