Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SW: Female Stormtrooper

Imperial Stormtrooper are vastly found across the Imperial ruled worlds, however seeing a Female Stormtrooper is truly a rare sight, and the only Female Stormtrooper which was given a name, is part of the Joker Squad and she is Jes Gistang and now i have found another.

Well i was amaze as months ago i receive a picture of a rumor female stormtrooper, which i was very suspicious, as they were no news on a release of a female stormtrooper in any SW sites.

However now, i am presented the actual figures, which looks like it has the head/facial sculpt of Padme Amidala (BD-12 in Snow Gear) and the body of Jes Gistang, well here's more picture of this rumor figure:

360 Overview Of Figure:

Close Up Of Head Sculpt:
- 100% Padme Head,no?


Weapons & Accessories:

1) BlashTech E-11 Blaster Pistol
2) Removable Helmet.

Here's a Comparison between an Imperial Stormtrooper & Female Stormtrooper:

My Verdict

This can't be a custom as they are quite a few E-Bay Seller selling this figure currently, therefore we should be knowing more about it soon! (if you do know more about this figure please leave a comment below.)

Now to the figure, its always great to see a female in Stormtrooper Suit!

But i just don't feel it with this figure, call me old fashion! As i like my plain old Stormie better, Jes Gistang was cool! cause the figure had great head/facial Sculpt & a background and I personally think that the helmet looks over size on the figure.

To Conclude i would say do get this if you like to add a different flavor to your Imperial Collection, by add a squad of this female Stormtroopers! Maybe i need more time to alike to this figure....


Overall: 6/10

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More Pictures I Have! - Click to enlarge -

Guess Which is a Female Stormtrooper?


Share Your Thoughts With Me On This Figure And If You Would Buy It?


  1. well..well..well...a female stormtrooper action figure...hmmm..personally I wouldn't buy one.

  2. Finally a Girl Stormtrooper to add to my collection! nice!

  3. Nice Review, can see that your really on the fence for this figure!

    Anyhow like you, i still like old Stormie's and probably wont add female to the team, so no offense GIRLS.

  4. I came across this figure on eBay today and while researching her I found your post. It's been more than a year and she's still a mystery ...and still available! As a figure there seems to be no shortage.

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