Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CW 34: MATCHSTICK (Review)

Shawn wrote in asking where did i get Matchstick as i have it in the pictures of my review of the V-Wing.

While to answer your question, i actually review Matchstick prototype helmet a while back in June and gave a some background, Screen Shots & Close Up of the awesome detailing of its paint job on its helmet. Its Currently out in the US as i seen many SW site adding it to their photo archive and as for my dear collectors in Malaysia...only GOD knows when Hasbro Malaysia decides to bring this in......

Anyhow since i got the complete figure from my good friend at Unlimited 8899 E-bay Toystore, Here's some more pictures for you guys!

But First to recap on its background:

Matchstick is a clone pilot in Shadow Squadron,who goes on a fatal mission to destroy a Separatist ship (The Malevolence)

In the Series he flies a Y-Wing fighter (which also has not arrive here!) to attack the huge vessel armed with a deadly ion cannon.

Due to Anakin recklessness his lost many of
Shadow Squadron pilots on the assault of the Malevolence, including matchstick.

My Previous Review:

Now for the figure:

As i got it of e-bay it does not come in packaging, so here's an image with reference Rebelscum.

Weapons & Accessories:

1) 1X Rotary Cannon (with firing missile launcher)
2) 1X DC-15 Blaster Pistol

Overview Of The Figure:

Close Up Of Helmet Sculpt:
The revised helmet sculpt looks great compare to the prototype which i mention that the tougue was not fully curved like the original version:

However as you can see, it looks fixed below:

My Verdict

Match Stick is the second clone pilot figure to be release in the CW toyline, apart from Odd Ball!

Matchstick leaves collectors with Jaw-Dropping expression after seeing its AWESOME paint job of its helmet and i believe he is only the start....

And we are for sure to see more custom clone pilot helmets made into action figures in the near future!

So keep your figures cross and hope for more to come! But for now, simply pick up Matchstick and ENJOY this Great figure.

Trooper: 8/10
Accessories & Weapons: 7/10

Overall: 8/10

ToyShop: : E-Bay: Unlimited8899 (seller sells them carded or lose)

E-Bay Seller Store:

More Pictures I Have! - Click to enlarge -


  1. I am really digging Matchstick's helmet's really cool so cool that I also bought this action figure from umlimited8899 as well. I was wondering why didn't Hasbro come out with an action figure of Broadside as well from Shadow Squadron and also Hawk. Both of their helmet deco looks cool. Maybe Hasbro should come out with a battle pack of Clone Pilot's from the CW series. That would be ultra cool and great.

  2. YEAH A BATTLE PACKS sounds awesome! great to see all them custom helmets in one box!

  3. A BATTLE PACK would be nice...