Sunday, June 7, 2009

CW: Clone Pilot Matchstick

Shadow Squadron

Clone Pilot MatchStick attached to Shadow Squadron, are the pilots of the Y-Wing Bombers, which are specialize in taking out targets, thus their saying “Minimum Casualties, Maximum Damage”

Here a sneak peak of his helmet, which should be out this year, love the detailing really nice! I however only mange to get the helmet…as the figure didn’t come with it, it should be arriving next week, therefore enjoy these pictures first:

-This one comes with a removable helmet.
-A slight difference in the “tongue design, as its not that curve as seen in the movie”.
-Defiantly a must get. (hear the figure body is really nice)

However poor MatchSticks dies in the series. sobz

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  1. this is a pretty cool clone pilot
    I like his helmet

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