Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CW: Phase ll JET TROOPER (Battle Front II)

Here's a look at the latest Phase 2 Jet Trooper from the game "Battle Front II", this troopers are basically "aerial Clone Troopers", each troopers are equipped with a Jetpack and well trained in Aerial Combat/Assaults maneuvers.

Here's the actual picture of the Trooper:


1) New Helmet Sculpt, with a shorter fin. (nice black trim & Green visor color)
2) Compact Jet Pack
3) Weathered/conditioned scheme on both body & jet pack
4) 501st Paint Job

My Comment's:

1) Absolutely adore the helmet sculpt & paint job.

2) Great that they gave the figure some Weathered/conditioned!

1) Right arm has a swivel elbow, which allows it to move left to right only (really a limitation on movement)

My Verdict

An overall Nice addition to add to your display!

Despite the lack of articualtion in is left arm, its an "AWESOME" Figure to Get! Let all say it together now "AWESOME" Figure!

i love it, how about you?

Rating 9/10 ( minus 1 point cause of the articulation)

Toyshop: Ebay unlimited8899

The link:

A Closer look at the Jet Pack:

Head Shots:

Random Shots:


  1. NOW THIS FIGURE I NEED! Know any idea where I can get all the 5 figures from the Battlefront 2 clone battle pack - boxed or loose?

  2. Hehee!

    if your serious, can send it down to you, email me your hp number, will get for you this weekend.

  3. WOW what a tempting offer :) I'd like to purchase all 6 in the set if possible - the clone trooper, jet trooper, clone sharpshooter, heavy trooper, clone engineer and galactic marine. This is a pic:

    Better to get them all out of the way one-shot :p

    By the way, follow me on twitter - I'll approve you :)

  4. Hey Dennis,

    Remember that female stormtrooper you showed a few days ago - it has all the collecting sites in a buzz today!

    I told you it was a fake ;)

  5. For me the great thing about this action figure is the extra articulation on the legs and hips...just superb.

  6. this fucking sucks

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