Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Preview: Stormtrooper Commander (Slide Show Collectibles )

Well after much consideration, i finally decided to get my first 1:6 Scale (12 inch) Figure! Great JOY

And what better way to start collecting 1:6 Scale (12 inch) figures with this Exclusive Stormtrooper Commander!from "slide show collectibles"

This Stormtrooper Commander is seen in the Force Unleash Game (PS3).

I really had problem looking for this figure, as most toy shops were all sold out! and their stock only arrived on Friday...i actually started calling them on Sunday.

However Mr.Ng who was kind enough to find me a Toyshop in Sunway Primaid Called "Dreamz Toy" which has one last piece and reserved it for me! THANK YOU!

I immediately picked it up after work today!

its been a really busy week with all the meetings and decided to get this to cheer me up!

The figures is Retail Price is at RM 370.00

Here are some Preview Pictures of the Figure, truly cant wait to review this!

Comes with a clear plastic bag that protects box. (the card stick there is my business card, has a little Darth Vader on it with my Name & Tittle as a light saber)

Just Look at it...

Back of the box

Some illustration of "Concept Art"

All seeing it for the first time!

Okay going to STOP, here...going to open the figure already!

Here's the toyshop, where i bought it from. here are some of its details, in-case you locals want to drop by:

Location: Sunway Pyramid (Asian Avenue 1st Floor)

Contact: Mr.Lee

Hp number: 012-250 3836

Here's a picture of the shop, a review will be soon out! under the segment of Toy Shops I Like.

Keep Collecting & May The Force Be With You!


  1. Congrats on beginning a new collection line :) Will you stick to Sideshow Collectibles or will you get Kotobukiya etc as well?

  2. hmmmm.... hard question...

    SS figures are able to pose and your able to change it from time 2 time.

    Koto figure are fixed at a pose, but really nice wants it that...

    so if money allows maybe both... (THANK U SPONSERS in advance!)

    i actually ordered a koto set of COM GREE, CODY & REX clone wars have been waiting for 3 months now and it has not arrive!!

  3. I have one of these guys only in the ordinary [not 12 inch action figure] form size.

    Very, great details, but after a while the black band around his head starts to kind of fade in spots [not very noticeable].