Sunday, June 21, 2009

What’s New: Saga Legends 2009

Here’s an update for you guys on the latest from the Saga Legends line, here’s a first look of what’s to come:

Another re-issue of the 501st trooper, does look like there’s a lot of change

If you’re wondering, this is not from the movie “CHICKEN Little”, this character is a pod-racer

This guys, looks like his from “FRIDAY 13”….but infect his a pod racer

Well there you have it!
The character which are Saga Legends, some of them are not “new” and can be found in the Current SL line, they are just repack with the 2009 packaging.

Interesting that they actually made pod-racer characters, maybe there will be new “pod-racers vehicle for sale soon”, no use having the characters, without their vehicles,eh?

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  1. I thought the Han Solo was new, the stupid figure has practically no articulation and the face was terrible. Very dissapointing.