Monday, June 8, 2009

CW: Clone Troopers & Jet BackPacks

Wings of the 212th Battalion! These troopers are equipped with “JET
BACKPAKCS” and armed with a variety of weapons and also to give these troopers more fire power, their Jet backpacks are armed with twin missiles.

Which makes them more versatile against droids, heavy vehicles and Arial assaults, according to the back of the box, this packs are given to trooper who are deployed in rugged and difficult environments.

-Jet backpacks, it comes with foldable wings which are able to close & open.

- Although they are assigned to the 212th battalion, the bodies of the clones are slightly yellowish and the orange marking are different for the 212th battalion Battle packs or the single carded figure. I personally feel that Hasbro should maintain their consistence as when put together with our collection, this troopers look different, despite being assign to the same battalion.
- One of the trooper comes with a droid blaster, which I clearly can’t understand why? They are “Clone Troopers”, aren’t they? Thus they should be armed with DC-15 Blasters, or maybe the “Republic’ is getting broke and re-using droid blasters? hmmm...Or maybe Hasbro for that matter.

Weapons and Accessories:
-1x DC-15 Blaster Riffles
-2X DC-15 Blaster
-1X Droid Blaster
- 2 Jet Backpacks armed with twin missile launchers

Truly sorry the pictures are a little dark, set the contrast on the camera wrongly