Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vehicles: AT-TE replacement legs


Yes you heard it, my very own AT-TE stands on its own now and looking at it now, makes me feel like a father looking upon his son standing for the first time. Lolz..emo

This was all made possible; thanks to the replacement legs which finally came. As Graffiti Toys kept to their word and brought it in.

It’s a huge screw up by Hasbro for the faulty the legs, hey but at least they made an effort to provided their sellers world wide with this replacement legs.

So we can’t say they didn’t try!?!

Here how the replacement legs look like, they will only provide you with the Key Joints:

A closer look at the revised joint, really locks into place very well.

The Differences

And here it is, finally stand on its own, i almost teared.... =P

Did some outlines with "Gundam marker"

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