Thursday, June 18, 2009

SW Order 66 Emperor Palpatine & Commander Thire

Just by issuing Order 66, the entire Republic fell overnight...
As Jedi Masters & Knights trusted their fellow clones, which turn to foes after the Order.

Here is a set that commemorated that event...

Got this set, cause I bought my SL shock troopers and decided they would not look good on my display shelves without their commander.

Therefore I remembered seeing this at Toy Wizard in Amcorp and bought it.

My Comments:

Commander Thire.
-Good articulation & paint finishing.
Emperor Palpatine
-Very nice facial sculpt

-Palpatine comes with quick lightsaber action. (press his foot and his hands with the lightsaber moves)

Commander Thire
-Chin sticks out from below the helmet; this is cause by his Pauldron.

Emperor Palpatine
-Because of quick lightsaber action from the base of his foot, makes him flimsy.
-The clip on lightning effect makes it look cheap (a removable hand with light from the finger tips would be a better choice.)

Weapons and Accessories:
Commander Thire
-2X DC-17 Blaster pistol
-1X DC – 15 Riffle
-Removable Helmet
-Shoulder Pauldron

Emperor Palpatine
-Light saber with attached hand (detachable)
-2X Lighting bolts
-Left hand (detachable)

Rating overall: 7&half/10

Toyshop: Toy Wizard (Amcorp)

RM 54.00

Emperor Palpatine

clip on lightning effect

quick lightsaber action

Commander Thire

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