Monday, June 1, 2009

CW: Commander Gree

Commander of the 41st Elite Corps, distinctive by his Green Marking on his armor, in Revenge Of Sith, Gree was assign to Kashyyk and served under General Yoda.

The CW Gree is truly beautiful; as this Gree unlike the ROTS version comes with a removable helmet, thus show his facial features for the first time.

And to keep him unique from his “clone brothers”, Gree is given a Mohawk, how awesome is that!

Plus this figure comes with a Gatling Gun, OMG is like pairing Jesus with The Cross…Sorry Father, No offence!

This Figure is a courtesy of unlimited8899 from E-Bay, couldn’t have gotten this without his help! As Hasbro Malaysia has stopped the Clone Wars line, as sales are poor and they are diverting all their attention to “transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”

  1. Spot on facial features, Mohawk is really gives him the attitude।

  2. Gree to me looks best without his helmet showing off his Mohawk & the Gatling
    Gun…।beautiful... drool…

  3. Overall nicely painted

  4. New Blaster Holster, NICE!


Weapons and Accessories:

-1X DC-17 Blaster
-DC-15 Blaster rifle
-Gatling Gun (with Firing Missile)

Rating: 9/10
E-Bay: unlimited8899
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