Thursday, June 25, 2009


Here an Exclusive “Entertainment Earth Pack”, which has been made available to us here in Malaysia, by TRU and some selected toy stores.

This pack apparently is from distant future, whereby the Sith return and the Empire is reborn.

The pack comes with 6 figures; 5 troopers & a Sith Lord “ Maleval ”, the troopers are part of the 407th Stromtrooper division. Members of this squad were call jokers, thus the name “JOKER Squad”.

List of its members:

Lord Maleval, a Sith Lord (Weapons: Red lightsaber and a lightwhip. )

Sergeant Harkas:decorated armor indicating his rank from the others

Anson Trask: considered the "noob" of the group.

Jes Gistang: the only girl/women in the squad. Deals with “heavy weapons”

Hondo Karr: an ex-Mandalorian, only guy in the squad to use a blade and his blaster.

Vax Potorr: jump headfirst into battle

Got this pack of E-bay as TRU & other toy shop, were selling it way too expansive, at RM 199.99…I paid RM 150.00 for this pack, however it does not come with the Sith Lord.

Weapons & Accesssories:

1) 5X Blastech E-11 Blaster Pistol

2) 5X Removable Helmets

3) 1X Heavy Gunner

4) 1X Combat Blade

My Comments:


1) Nice facial sculpts; good to see new faces compared to the only stormtroopers I see with removable helmets are Luke & Han, which have bee re-issued countless time…


1) Removable Helmets most of them do not fit well …

2) Working blaster holsters should come painted black not white….

My Verdict:

Helmets do not fit well; a really big disappointment for me....

I know this can be easily solve/save with warm/hot water, but after paying for these troopers, do you seriously want to fix it yourself?or wouldn't it be nice for the pack to come with non-defected products, to make your money worth eh? (Note that this pack may be bought from E-bay, however i have check with friends that bought the actual packs and they do still share the same problem.)

But considering the only stormtroopers we constantly see with removable helmets are Han & Luke (there is a version with George Lucas), does make the "Joker Squad" with its new sculpts are some what worth collecting and furthermore we can never get enough of troopers can we?

Rating: 7/10

Pricing: RM 150.00


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Entertaiment Earth:

Here's the infamous "JOKER SQUAD" :

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