Thursday, June 11, 2009


JAWAS! Cute little buggers in cloaks and always only showing their glittering Yellow Eye!

This Mechanical scavengers hunt for lost or abandoned equipment such as machinery, droids or even star fighters!

Despite their height, all Jawa’s look identical! To me…

Plus I have never seen their faces before, if you guys have pictures please send it in to me, Thanks!

In the Clone Wars, The Jawa’s appeared as Kenobi enters Jaaba place and they try to steal the R4 unit on Kenobi Star Fighter; however was chase away by the R4 electric shock!

-Blaster & Rifle holsters.
-Very nice details to the shoes

-limited articulation (but it is a small figure, cant really complaint much, just my opinion, but it come with a ball jointed head)
-As I got a few, some of them cant really stand properly, had to dip their little foot in hot water to adjust it back.

Overall not a bad figure, its seriously worth getting

Rating: 8/10

Here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure:

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  1. hi there xD visiting ur blog and i love it xD

    okay first off, the clone wars animated feature film review u did up there, i found just one prob...

    thats not an R2 unit.

    It actually an R4. Obi-wan Kenobi uses an R4 unit through out the clone wars, but its easily mistaken to be an R2 unit due to the head. Anakin Skywalker replaced Obi-wan's R4 unit head when it got blasted off in one of the battles...which explains it xD

    but anyway on the Jawas, i love them! any more stock where u got it from?

  2. Point taken! thanks will change the post!

    Thanks Zeraato!