Monday, June 22, 2009

Whats New: Clone Turbo Is Here!

Was checking out Toy R Us at 1 Utama & Tropicana City to check out their latest offers and l i found this at TRU in 1 Utama, its the Clone Turbo Tank!

1) 1X Clone Gunner (with revised helmet sculpt)
2) 1X Speeder Bike (which can be tuck away below the tank)
3) Detachable outlook post (back)
4) Able to fit 2o troopers!

from more pictures please check out: (with reference to rebelscum)

TRU Selling it for: RM 499.99 (BTW the at-te is at RM 450.00)


Toy Workers in Subang Square are also bring this in and are selling them for only "RM 399.99" and if you pre-order now. you will get a 10% discount. their stock will be arriving tomorrow!

For more details:
Call the owner at: James 013-2244688

Location: Subang Square

My verdict:
Somehow i do not have the urge to purchase this vehicle yet....but from the picture this vehicle has loads of functions!

Later on there will be a pack of "clone turbo tank gunners" which can be place on the extended platform of the turbo tank.

For my review on the support squad, please follow the link:

Plus if you get it at Toy Workers, its about a RM 100 cheaper then you purchasing at TRU Stores!

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