Monday, June 15, 2009

CW: Crab Droid

Here is something which droids collectors would like and probably get excited about, here’s a first look at Crab droids (also know as Muckraker droids).

According to the boxes they are armored infantry units that easily move over rough ground, with their crab like legs.

Moreover their crab like legs gives them speed & agility to hunt down their targets and are greatly feared by the republic across many planets.

1)At first glance the crab droid looks nicely tucked into the new CW 09 packaging.

2)Plus,very nice artwork on box.

3)Once open this droid looks menacing!

4)Come with firing missing and if you push a button at its back, the legs will move.

Here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Keep Collecting & May Be The Force Be With You!

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