Friday, June 19, 2009

Collectors I Like: Mr.Ng Collection

Here is the second post for collectors I like!

Here’s the collection of Mr. Ng, very nice!However he does not have the space to display his troopers yet!

Here’s a little about the collector:
"I grew up watching SW, those days the toys are quite sucky and due to low budget my parents can’t afford any toys. Since college, I started SW collection with some Kenner figures before goin full throttle with AOTC and ROTS."

Those days anything troopers I collect but due to budget constraint I concentrate more on the Imperial troopers (from Ep 4 onwards).

Currently dun have any new pics from my collection but hope to take their pics soon. Most of my toys are kept in cartons due to lack of space."

Here are the pictures:

Shocktrooper TAC 07 SL SA ver + TSC 06 quick draw ver
By NG: Classic packaging…this figure once “flooded” at Isetan, TRUs and Jusco…that time not many ppl want but now one of highly sought item. Then was on RM 39.90

I salute you NG! Imagine he paid RM33.90 for each!!

ROTS 05 Gree with TSC 06 Kashyyk troopers

TAC 07 Concept Stormtrooper + Imperial Stomrtroopers, concept figure nice but lack of many articulation…

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