Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What’s New: CW Clone Trooper Packs

The Latest from Hasbro, courtesy of Mr.A, this packs are currently hot topics on the SW forums.

The Creation of these packs is inspired by the Clonewars episode 5: Rookies, as they feature key characters shown in the episode, and here they are:

Here is Commander Cody with Clone Trooper Echo:

Here is Captain Rex with Clone Trooper Fives:

1) For those that already have Rex & Cody, you may or may not want to buy these packs…as they (Rex & Cody )remain the same as the single carded pack and furthermore they don’t even come with the New Helmets Sculpt.

2) Only thing worth collecting is the Clone Trooper Echo & Fives, but then again Echo does come single carded.

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