Monday, June 1, 2009

CW: ARF Trooper

Recon Scouts of the Republic, they sneak into enemy territory to retrieve or observe situations, thus given the names of ARF Troopers, which stands for Advance Recons Forces।

ARF Trooper made its first appearance in the animated movie the clone wars, they were sent to B’omarr Monastery to observe the bounty hunters which were sent there by Jabba।

Immediately, seeing them in their chemo suits, collectors of SW/CW trooper was going crazy! Wanting & hoping that this character was made into an action figure।

Then they made the second appearance in CW episode 21-liberty-of-ryloth, they were paired with AT-RT in a Squad called “LIGHTNING”, they where fighting beside Mace Windu & Commander Ponds।

Well all those wishing and hoping has come through, as the figure has been made! Well here is another figure from the CW series, which has not yet been launch in Malaysia. So enjoy the pictures.

-The Helmet is really nicely done, it truly is spot on. It looks FAR cooler to the SW Scout Troopers helmet; however the designer kept the look very similar.

-The Ball Jointed Hips make the figure hips jut out, therefore It looks like a little weird, however this is kind of plus or minus point. As with this ball jointed hips it’s able to do kick posses as below and ride vehicles like the AT-RT, which should be out soon.

-Sorry I felt there is no “like or dislike” for this figure

- I think the blue mark on helmets resemble their rank, as some has 2 bar and some has 4 bars


Rating: 8/10

E-Bay: unlimited8899

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Weapons and Accessories:
-1 X DC-15 Blaster rifle
-Gatling Gun (with Firing Missile)

With this ball jointed hips it’s able to do kick posses

A closer look at the helmet

Keep Collecting & May the Force Be with YOU!
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  1. you can put yor gatling gun at th e back of the at-rt.