Monday, June 1, 2009

CW: Commander Ponds

Made his first appears in Clone Wars Series episode 21: Liberty of Ryloth, man did he make an entrance in the series!

As he was dashing through clones & AT-TE as they were taking heavy fire from the droids tanks and the minute he uttered those words “We Need Lightning Up Here, Now!” I told myself I need to get this guy! Btw his Jedi General Mace Windu Clone Commander

Well, Thanks to unlimited8899, which is kind enough to offer me this figure for my review!

Commander Pond figure is a TOY R US Exclusive Figure, it’s basically has the body of Rex, however fitted with the new & revised clone trooper helmet

- Love the details at the back of his Helmet! As seen in the movie, kudos to Hasbro for adding this little detail to this figure.
- Spot on facial features, as it has a nicely done shaven effect for his bald head & moustache
- The New Clone Helmet is really starting to grow on me.

- The figure is given a orange color scheme on his armor and is not accurate, as in the series pond has a more brownish color scheme

Weapons and Accessories:
- 2X DC-17 Blaster
- 1 X DC-15 Blaster rifle
Rating: 7/10
Toyshop: E-Bay

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